Sunday, June 28, 2009

Luck of the Irish It Is....Thank you SoKoBe!

This past week was a really tough one with preparing for my Annual Conference and many social functions that were on the calendar. By Friday I was exhausted. I was on lunch and checked my email and there was a message about SoKoBe Contests. I thought, that sounds familiar, well I opened the email and it reminded me that I had entered a contest to win a diamond ring through Turns out that our story came in 3rd place and I won a pair of Diamond Earrings!

I was shocked. Everyone tells me I win everything, but this was out of no where. Out of hundreds of entries mine had come in the top three. I am just thrilled beyond words. Check out the link below to see the official news and thank you again to the lady that sent Dan the twitter message about the contest. Mostly, thanks to my love for passing it along!

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