Monday, May 14, 2012


Over the years I've worked very hard to earn the credentials behind my last name. Each one has meant something different to me. Earning the CMP, my first, is how I met my best friend Jaime. My life has never been the same and she is without a doubt a very rare friend. I consider myself to be very lucky for my best girl friends. They have always been there for me and though we may not live near one another, no matter what we make the commitment to our friendship. My CAE was the one I feared the most. I wasn't sure if I was ready for it, but knew that I could do it. After countless hours studying and the support of my then fiance and family opening that acceptance letter was a huge sign of relief that it was over and of course screams that I had passed. At the time I took my CAE and earned the credential I was in the <1% based on my age. Now, that's pretty cool.

My latest credential that I have earned is that of MOM. By far the longest prep and definitely scarier not knowing how it will all turn out, but in this past year I earned it! I had no idea what to expect becoming a new mom. I was very fortunate to have about 4 women friends have their children before me in the months leading up to Emma's arrival. We were a sort-of birthing club if you will. Without them, I think I would have gone insane. I worried about what I really needed to buy and what my schedule would be like. As a planner, I need to know how it's going to be! Boy, have I tried to let that one go these past several months. Meg: your visits on maternity leave kept me sane and helped bring back laughter. I had my bestie in TN, Coco who is the most amazing single mother I know and has done such an amazing job with her daughter. She was always there when I would start to worry or get freaked out. She seems to always know when I really need her. And again, I had Jaime. Interestingly enough, Jaime had her 2nd, my godson Will a month before Emma was born! So now, I've gone through 2 certifications with Jaime!

So, yesterday was my first Mothers Day. It was tough because I was on business travel (with the hubby and baby) but we were up very early to travel home. I was able to see my own mother, who is a constant source of strength and support and I wouldn't have wanted the day to go by without seeing her. Besides, 3 generations is pretty awesome. After lunch with Mom, we headed home and my hubby did a great job in helping me celebrate. I certainly would be remiss if I didn't thank him. Without him, I wouldn't have this amazing credential to be so proud about. I think single mothers should have many days to celebrate all they do, because it's a heck of a tough job and I couldn't do it without my amazing husband.

To all my mommy friends that have helped me on this journey, thank you all so much: JB, Coco, Meg, Jodie, Heather, Jules, Knight, Lesly, Mel, Cat, Allie, LQ, Shelly and Jen. I have loved our candid conversations and baby talks. Kudos to all of you for earning this amazing designation as well and cheers to you all for a wonderful mothers day and year ahead.


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So happy we get to be on this journey together. Happy first mothers day to my beatest friend ever.