Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Piece of History

November 4, 2008

Truly a day that I will never forget and how amazing that one day, when I have kids, I'll be able to tell them all about it.

This fine evening Barrack Obama was elected as our 44th President. President-Elect Obama had an amazing speach and I can't get over how many young faces I've seen at the polls and his gathering in Chicago.

I am confident that Change WILL happen and am so excited for my future and the future of the United States. I have never been more proud of my country and state than I am today. VA pulled it out and what an amazing feat.

One note of saddness was that while watching the returns, Tim Russert wasn't there to tell us viewers what was happening. I have to say that NBC and MSNBC did a phenominal job but no one can ever fill his shoes. Boy, he'd love what just happened last night.

I look forward to waking early and getting my spot along that parade route to keep making history!

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thirty08sdad said...

Glad to read about your excitement over this truly historic your cards right and you can get an invite to an I ball! Your enthusiasm is reminiscent to our generations hope in John F. Kennedy. May all our futures be bring in the new administration!