Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Pirate's Life For Me

So, anyone who knows me understands my obsession with Jack Sparrow. I adore him and was so excited to find out on Thurday that apparently he will be earning $56 million to reprise his role in #4! Amazing....I can't get over that amount of money. I wish I had just 1/2 of a million of it, even less really and I'd be thrilled! Can we say, hello no debt!

So, Jack sighting with SuperMom in Seattle; Jack sighting with SuperMom in Florida the year before (I think SuperMom brings me luck); Jack sightings at the Renn Festival (thanks Courtney for stalking him to take a photo with me); and future Jack sighting at my own house....

I'm also psyched becuase the halloween costumes I ordered are starting to come in and Dan has no idea what he's in store for! This is one year that's going to be tons of fun for Halloween. Not to mention that the 1st of November is my countdown day until I'm back in my own house again! I'm so psyched! I think the first thing I'm going to do is clean out my entire closet, if I've dealt without the clothes for the past three months I don't really need them all.

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SoCalledSupermom said...

You totally need some pirate pics on this new blog of yours!!! :) I think I have a few from our travels....not that i RAN down the street to get them or anything. :)